1. How Cryotherapy is Beneficial For Athletes

    Cryotherapy has been making waves in many different industries, from beauty to medical to athletics. You have likely heard about some of the benefits and what it can be used for. While there are many ways that cryotherapy can be beneficial, we are going to focus on just one. As a fitness center that now offers cryotherapy, we want to focus on the athletic side of cryotherapy. At BodyPlex Fitness, …Read More

  2. The Benefits Of Whole Body Cryotherapy

    Cryotherapy has been gaining popularity all across the country lately. It uses cold temperatures to help heal the body and support wellness. Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) is similar to an ice bath, in that they are both cold therapy. A whole body cryotherapy session only last three minutes, while an ice bath lasts a maximum of 20 minutes. In a previous blog, we briefly talked about cryotherapy and …Read More