BODYSTEP is an aerobic class the uses adjustable steps to get a great cardio workout that with have your blood flowing! This class incorporates all cardio blocks to help increase the amount of fat you burn during the workout. BODYSTEP aims for you glutes and legs, strengthening and toning them in no time! These classes help build stamina and improves your coordination and agility!

What Should You Expect?

BODYSTEP takes different basic exercises and advances them using adjustable steps to increase the difficulty of each move. Moves like burpees, push ups, and other simple steps and movements are put together, set to music, to create a rhythmic workout that will tone your butt and legs, and get you burning calories fast. In a 55 minute class, this is what you can expect:

  • Warm-up
  • Step Warm-up
  • Step Orientation
  • Step Athletic
  • Mixed Strength
  • Power Peak
  • Step Recovery
  • Party Step
  • Speed Step
  • Peak
  • Recovery/ Leg Strength/ Push Ups/ Abdominals
  • Cool Down

BODYSTEP is a great way to get a high cardio workout at a lower intensity. That being said, this class is still intense, but it is not as intense as some of the other BODY BASIX classes, but you will still leave feeling like you worked your butt off! Get those legs burning, the blood flowing, and the calories flying out of your body. This class may seem like a simple concept, but it will have you sweating in no time!

What Do You Need to Bring?

Steps will be provided, so you only need to worry about dressing correctly. Wear clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move easily, you will also need athletic shoes that won’t trip you up after every step. Don’t forget your water bottle, it is important to stay hydrated during these classes. You may also want to bring a towel with you to wipe away your sweat.

Benefits of BODYSTEP:

BODYSTEP is a great cardio workout, improving both your agility and coordination. You will feel the burn in your legs and butt, but remember, the sore you feel the next day is a good thing! This class burns a lot of calories and can help improve your fitness levels! Get started on this fun class by taking the next step and signing up for a BODYSTEP class!

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