KidsPlex Policies and Guidelines


KidsPlex is available for the convenience of our members and it is our wish that all parents feel confident in knowing that your children are safe and under the supervision of engaged, quality people who truly care. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe play area with the hope that all kids enjoy their time with us and look forward to their next stay. We sincerely hope that knowing your kids are both happy and safe will add enjoyment to your workout and enhance your overall fitness experience! Please note the following guidelines:

  • In the interest of the children and our workers, there is a 2-HOUR time limit per day per child. Please keep this in mind as you start your workout.
  • For liability reasons, members may only leave their own children in KidsPlex (not the children of friends or neighbors).
  • When dropping off kids, please give the attendant the child’s first and last name, and wait for your child to be properly checked-into our computer system.
  • Out of the concern for others, KidsPlex cannot accept children who are sick. This includes but is not limited to runny nose, fever, cough, diarrhea, pink eye or flu-type symptoms of any kind. As a guide, if your child has any of these symptoms or were too sick to go to school, then they should be considered too sick to be in KidsPlex. Again, this is simply out of respect and for the safety of the other children and our staff.
  • We will correct a child only when necessary and in a gentle way. If they continue with disruptive behavior we will locate the parent working out.
  • Parents will be called to pick up any child that cries excessively as this has proven disturbing to others in our care. We will do our best to help all children get acclimated to our environment and understand that this can take a few visits for some kids in an unfamiliar environment.
  • While we are not a one-on-one babysitting service, we will always do our best to provide equal care to all children.
  • If your child is not completely potty trained, we considerately ask that you admit them in a pull-up.
  • BodyPlex and its employees cannot be responsible for any personal toys or entertainment items brought into KidsPlex. Please consider this when bringing your kid’s toys.
  • KidsPlex is a privilege extended to our members for the ability to get a stress free workout and BodyPlex reserves the right to refuse anyone who may be abusing this privilege or whose children need correcting or become disruptive on an ongoing basis.


  • Infants should be at least 6 weeks old.
  • Please make sure babies are fed and changed prior to drop off.
  • Attendants are not permitted to change diapers or feed infants.


  • NO PEANUTS/NUTS allowed
  • All drinks must be in spill proof cups or sports bottles.

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