Jasper Gym Memberships

Discover your greatness at BodyPlex, the premier Jasper fitness club, offering membership options designed to provide flexibility and simplicity without overwhelming you. We believe that sometimes simple is just plain better for everyone. Choose the membership that suits your fitness goals and preferences at our state-of-the-art circuit training gym, and embark on a transformative journey to reshape your body and rejuvenate your mind.

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Our basic membership at BodyPlex includes unlimited visits to our state-of-the-art facility, which features a diverse range of fitness amenities. Take advantage of our cardio area, free weights, and men's and women's circuit gym to optimize your workouts. Want to enhance your fitness experience even further? Upgrade your membership to include an all-access pass to our world-famous Group Fitness Classes, including HIIT classes and cardio and abs workouts. Immerse yourself in the energetic and invigorating atmosphere of these classes, designed to push your limits and keep you motivated. Discover the fun and benefits of each class and consider upgrading your Jasper gym membership to unlock the full potential of your fitness journey.


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Our Catalyst Membership is the perfect solution for members who are looking to fast-track their progress or have reached a plateau through conventional workouts. This membership not only includes all the benefits of our BODY BASIX membership, but also grants you unlimited access to our invigorating team workout sessions.

Led by nationally-certified trainers, our small group training program provides an intimate and supportive environment where you can maximize your results. These body-transforming sessions accommodate a small group of individuals, ranging from 2 to 10 people, ensuring personalized attention, tailored guidance, and an enhanced sense of camaraderie as you work towards your fitness goals. Engage in a group workout in Jasper like no other, where you'll benefit from the expertise of our trainers and the motivational energy of your fellow participants.


Experience the power of our small group training sessions, which include:

a group of people pulling weights and doing box jumps for exercise

Cross Functional Training

This dynamic and ever-changing workout combines a variety of exercises, including barbells, kettlebells, plyometrics, bodyweight movements, rowing, and running. Each strength training class is carefully designed to challenge you while also being scalable, allowing participants of all fitness levels to join in. Our experienced trainers in Jasper will guide you through the movements, ensuring proper form and technique, as you push yourself to new limits.

a group of people planking on kettle bells during a workout

Boot Camp

Step into our high-energy Boot Camp sessions that take place both indoors and outdoors, depending on weather conditions. These sessions are characterized by their fun, challenging, and sweaty nature, combining a mix of cardio, strength training, and endurance exercises. With a strong emphasis on camaraderie and encouragement, our Boot Camp sessions will push you beyond your comfort zone and inspire you to achieve more.



The name says it all! Get the ultimate workout experience with one-on-one personal training from one of our nationally certified BodyPlex trainers. Whether you're aiming to build strength, increase endurance, lose weight, or enhance overall fitness, our trainers will develop a customized program that pushes your limits and maximizes results.

But, the ULTIMATE membership is more than just workouts. It's about receiving unparalleled motivation and accountability to ensure your success. Our trainers will inspire and challenge you every step of the way, helping you stay on track, overcome obstacles, and achieve remarkable transformations.

Why Choose Us?

What makes BodyPlex so unique? Honestly…it’s our people!! We are intentional in the selection of our greatest asset – our team! Our staff is genuine, passionate and devoted to delivering an unmatched member experience. You can interact with the owner on-site which allows us to respond more quickly to member needs.

*Please consult your physician or other healthcare provider before starting an exercise program. The claims on this site are not typical of the sedentary person. Bodyplex guarantees nothing and results may very.

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