Benefits of Circuit Training

Most everyone enters the fitness world hating every exercise, but as they try more, get better at some, and start to feel improvement, they end up finding something that prefer. Unfortunately, when this happens, many people end up only doing that one exercise, which does not help when trying to get fit, get in shape, and improve different parts of your body.

Let’s say you find out that you love running, you can run for miles, without feeling the exhaustion in your legs. And the next day you are feeling the burn in a great way. But because you only run for your workouts, you are not gaining muscle or working other parts of you body. Your arms aren’t benefiting, your abs are barely getting worked, but your legs are rock solid.


There is a way to get the best of both worlds without having to make yourself do the exercises you hate. Circuit training is a great way to get the cardio and strength training you need all in one workout. Circuit training is high-intensity and high-interval training that takes you through different workouts, working different parts of your body and giving your whole body a workout in one. At BodyPlex Fitness, you can find the best equipment, help from the best trainers, and join classes that can help you excel in your circuit training workouts.

Not only do you work your entire body, but you also gain a lot of other benefits from doing well planned circuit training workouts.

Cut Time to See Results

Because you are working so many different areas at once, you will be able to cut the time is takes to see results. With circuit training, you can fit in a whole workout that give you results in just 15 minutes. This means less time at the gym, no more issues finding time for the gym, and getting results in less time.


Boost Your Metabolism

This type of workout, high-intensity and quick paced, will have you burning calories like it is nothing. A high-intensity, circuit training workout can give burn the same amount of calories and spending an hour just doing cardio.

Work Your Whole Body

Like mentioned above, when doing circuit training, you will be working your whole body. With all the different workouts, you will be working different muscle groups, even the small ones you didn’t know you had, feeling the burn and gaining strength throughout your whole body.

Stop Getting Bored

For some people, working out can be boring, they get halfway through their workout and then lose all motivation. This makes it hard to keep working out, getting the results you want, and making the gym a priority. Circuit training allows for your to do any and all workouts, the sky’s the limit. You can choose to make up a routine that you follow every time, allowing yourself to get used to the pattern and being able to see and feel your progress. Or you can create a whole new routine with different moves you have never tried to keep things interesting and exciting. Whichever you choose, you can get great results through circuit training.


No Need For Equipment

Because circuit training does not require any specific equipment, you can do it anywhere. You can do it in your backyard, at the park, in your basement, or wherever else you end up. You can use your bodyweight, steps, and anything else to help you get the right amount of exercise. But if you want access to full equipment and different machines to get the best workout, you can find all that and more at BodyPlex Fitness. With a full gym, classes, and personal trainers, you can get the best circuit trainings and add new moves to your routines every time you go!

With a BodyPlex membership, you will have access to all the gym equipment and knowledge you need to make a circuit training routine that targets your problem areas while working your entire body. Start doing small group training to keep yourself motivated and learn the best moves, and talk to our trainers for the greatest circuit training tips! Check out memberships now or contact us to get your questions asked!

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