How Cryotherapy is Beneficial For Athletes

Cryotherapy has been making waves in many different industries, from beauty to medical to athletics. You have likely heard about some of the benefits and what it can be used for. While there are many ways that cryotherapy can be beneficial, we are going to focus on just one.

As a fitness center that now offers cryotherapy, we want to focus on the athletic side of cryotherapy. At BodyPlex Fitness, we understand that athletes, and anyone who works out, are always looking for the best recovery methods to help keep them active and in the game. Cryotherapy is one of those ways!


So, why is cryotherapy beneficial to athletes? Why have you been seeing so many professional athletes using this strange contraption? There are many reasons! Cryotherapy offers athletes a variety of benefits, which we will be going over in this blog. Read on to learn more about cryotherapy and why you should give it a try.

Cryotherapy in Professional Athletics

Professional athletes around the world have been trading in cryotherapy for ice baths. Ice baths have always been used as a popular (and deeply disliked) recovery method for athletes. But with cryotherapy, they now have a quicker, and less painful method of recovery.

Many pro athletes have even added their own cryochambers and cryosaunas to their homes. Teams across the country have installed cryotherapy chambers to their training facilities to be used before and after training sessions. This can help allow athletes to recover from intense trainings more efficiently. Many teams even use localized cryotherapy devices during games to help keep players from being injured and reduce inflammation to keep them in the game.

Cryotherapy offers many benefits for athletes that have made it such an appealing method for recovery. Read on to learn about those benefits.


Reduces Inflammation

The cold that cryotherapy produces is used to help reduce inflammation, which can help athletes recover faster. The reduction of inflammation gives the body a chance to heal itself quicker and can help reduce pain.

According to a Men’s Health article, exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures causes the release of a hormone called norepinephrine, which is an anti-inflammatory. While both cryotherapy and ice baths can cause the release of this hormone to help reduce inflammation, cryotherapy can double the production of norepinephrine. Reducing inflammation can help athletes recover properly, which is why this cryotherapy benefit is important for athletes.

Aids in Recovery

While reducing inflammation is part of the recovery process, there is more that goes into it and more that cryotherapy can do for an athlete’s recovery. During a cryotherapy session, your body will think that you are in danger of freezing (don’t worry, you aren’t). This will cause your body to pull all of your blood from your extremities to help protect your vital organs and keep it warm. At the same time, your body releases hormones in an attempt to repair anything that may have been damaged.

Often times, after a cryotherapy session, the technician will ask you to ride a bike or do some other type of activity to get your blood flowing through your body, spreading those repairing hormones through your body, and thus, aiding in the recovery process.

Helps Manage Pain

While this may not be scientifically proven, it uses the same concept as putting an ice pack on a sore ankle. The cold you are exposed to may help ease pain in the entire body. Many people have experienced relief from pain after a few cryotherapy sessions. Athletes, especially after years of pushing their bodies to the limits, are likely to experience aches and pain. With cryotherapy, they could be able to better manage their pain and experience relief. Whether you are a professional athlete or simply enjoy staying active without worrying about pains, cryotherapy may be the answer you are looking for.

There are many benefits that cryotherapy can offer to athletes and those who stay physically active. But there are also things that you need to remember.


More Than One Use

One of the main things to remember is that cryotherapy is not a one and done type of treatment. To experience the best results, cryotherapy should be used regularly. Multiple cryotherapy sessions throughout the week can keep you going strong and keep your body ready to take on the next workout. Of course, this does depend on how active you are and what type of athlete you are.

This can also be used as a way to recover from injuries. Even if you do not feel a need jump into a cryotherapy chamber regularly, a few sessions while trying to recover from an injury can help!

Cryotherapy can be very beneficial to many athletes. No matter what level you are or how active you are, you too could benefit from cryotherapy! If you are interested in what cryotherapy can do for you, feel free to stop by BodyPlex Fitness. We will answer any questions you may have about this newer recovery method and if it is right for you!

You can also sign up for a free gym membership trial and test out our full fitness center. We look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals and helping your recover with our cryotherapy sessions. Contact us today to learn more.


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