How to Stay Motivated In Your Fitness Routine

There are two main periods throughout the year when people hit the gym on a regular basis. The first is after New Year’s, when the resolutions are set and soon to be dropped. The other is during the summer, and right before, when the swimsuits are broken out and vacations are planned. That leaves the end of the year. The time when many people pile on the pounds, give up on their regular routines, and hide under oversized sweaters.

While we all love oversized sweaters, you don’t have to give up on your workout routine in order to rock them. Stick with your fitness and the sweater will be even larger on you, making it extra-comfortable! When fall and winter roll around, the gym becomes more and more empty and we get it. Who wants to come to the gym rather than curl up with a blanket when it is cooler outside? Not many people.


But there are many reasons to stick with your workout routine! At BodyPlex Fitness, we know that the fall and winter months are the best time to relax, but this will only throw all your hard work from this summer down the drain!

As summer draws to an end, you may be tempted to hang up your running shorts, but this would be a huge mistake. There are many reasons to keep pushing yourself and showing up at the gym day after day. If you need more convincing, keep reading.

Don’t Ruin Your Hard Work

If you have been working out daily for the last few months, you surely have seen an improvement in your abilities. Your pants may even be fitting a little looser. But the minute you stop showing up, you are undoing everything you just worked so hard for. That swimming suit ready body will slowly vanish before your eyes, your strength will deplete, and your muscles will shrink in size. Does that sound fun? After all the hard work you put in through the summer, do you really want to see the body you worked so hard for disappear before your very eyes? No! Nobody wants to see all their hard work get thrown away like that.


It is Harder to Start Again

When you get used to hitting the gym daily, it becomes part of your routine, you get used to running and lifting weight. You get used to showing up to your favorite group fitness class. Once this becomes part of your routine, it becomes easier to keep yourself invested. And as you start seeing results and start feeling better you start to want to go. That is a big step in fitness — when you go from forcing yourself to go, to wanting to go. And that is something you shouldn’t give up on. You will skip one day, that one day will not make you feel guilty. Suddenly, you have skipped an entire week and again, you may not feel guilty. But soon, a month goes by. Then two. Now trying hitting the gym again. The motivation is gone.

Once you have spent time away from the gym, even just a week, getting back into the routine and getting back to that feeling of wanting to go is much more difficult. Trust us when we say this, all of us have been there before and we want to help you avoid that drawback. It can be so simple to work out every day once you get into the routine of it, but getting back into it once you stop for a while is hard. Do you remember the first time you started working out after a long break? It was easy to make up an excuse and ditch the workout, but you didn’t and now you are here! Don’t go back to that point.

We know that keeping up motivation throughout the entire year is difficult. In the rest of this blog, we are going to give you tips to help keep you motivated and help you get to the gym. In a previous blog, we gave additional tips for staying motivated, these are going to be different. We hope you take our advice and stick with it, we know you won’t regret it if you do. Remember, you only regret the workout you skip.

Schedule a Winter Beach Vacation

While it may not get extremely cold in Georgia, winter is winter and it is a time to overeat and relax. However, if you plan a winter vacation to a tropical beach somewhere, you will be more motivated to stick with your workout routine throughout the fall. Plan a vacation and get in the best shape possible before it. This will help get you to the gym day after day.

Reward Yourself

The end of summer means new fall clothing, right? If you love to shop, head to the mall to buy your fall wardrobe. Buy flattering clothing that fit your body perfectly. This will ensure that you don’t stop making time for the gym. If you stop working out, you will likely start gaining some weight back and your new, fashionable clothing will no longer fit, and that would be a bummer. Each week you hit the gym, reward yourself with a new top or pair of pants.

Make Time

One reason why it can be difficult to make it to the gym during the fall and winter months is that it gets dark so early. With less daylight, it can be simple to justify not heading to the gym after a long day at work, but this is no reason to quit! Make time to work out, whether you head to the gym before work (which is a great way to start the day off right) or you find a way to work out at home, you just need to get it done! Don’t make excuses, make time to workout. You may even try bringing your athletic clothing to work and change before leaving, that way you are ready and more willing to go.


Eat for Energy

Again, when the days are shorter, it is common to want to go climb on the couch right after work and binge watch your favorite show for the fourth time. But you still have hours until you have to head to bed, so why not spend that time more productively? Eat a snack that can give you energy before you leave work or your home. This will help you power through your workout! Some energy-boosting snacks include:

  • Bananas
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Coffee
  • Eggs
  • Apples
  • Dark chocolate
  • Yogurt

You can find the full list of these foods from this Healthline article! These foods could give you the boost of energy you need to make it to the gym and through your workout with quitting early!

There are many ways to keep yourself motivated to hit the gym throughout the rest of the year. You will not regret it and then you can choose something more impressive and unique as your New Year’s resolution, like learning to knit or playing the piano.

At BodyPlex Fitness, we have the equipment, classes, and team to help keep you in check and working toward your never-ending fitness goals! Start a free trial today and check out our awesome fitness center in Jasper or Woodstock!

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