The words “Addicted to Bodyplex” have certainly been said by me in the last few months! I walked in the door the other day and 3 employees rushed to me and said, “Julie, there’s a contest going on and you MUST represent our gym!” So, here it goes!! It all started after the holidays this year when I decided to lose my baby weight and get my life and fitness back in top notch shape. I am 5′ 10″ and weighed 171, and now I am down to a MUCH tighter 148. After about 5 months of intense training through Knockout, TRX, CXworks, and RPM, I have lost over 20 pounds and back to my lean body. I absolutely could not have done it without the help from my Bodyplex home. The minute I walk in the door I am greeted by name, and as I walk to my treadmill, weights or class I am asked about my experience whether it is a compliment on progress, or offering advise for my fitness goals. I can tell that this is not just a job for my home gym employees, but a true passion which has definitely rubbed off on me!

They always offer life changing advise along with the trainings such as meal plans and workout plans for the week. This is such an awesome atmosphere for people of every fitness level, and they make everyone feel so comfortable in their own skin. I literally walk out the door after getting my booty kicked feeling SO awesome and in such an awesome mood. I think even my 2 small kids benefit from this since they can enjoy a happy and healthy mommy all while really enjoying the kidsplex. My 4 year old says, “yay! we are going to the gym (again)!”

I have had such an amazing experience with the trainers, and they have been such an inspiration to me that I have recently decided to make a life long career change and become part of the bodyplex team! I have referred 5 people to my gym and small group classes, and I am constantly raving about my experience on facebook! I recently completed my first (of I’m sure many more to come) LES MILLS training in RPM! I have never been one to even take RPM classes, but when a trainer suggested that I take it, and even suggested I look into teaching a class due to my determination and success in the small group classes, I was all for it, and found that its AWESOME! I passed my training in June and in the process of creating a video by August, and will hopefully be on my way to providing the insight and fitness magic to others that my Bodyplex team has provided for me.

Its not just a gym, its a LIFESTYLE, and a healthy environment on so many levels. I honestly feel like I could keep going on about how excited I am about my new life thanks to Bodyplex, but I need to get going to make it to Knockout in 30 minutes! Woohoo!!

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