Reasons to Work Out That Aren’t Weight Related – Part One

When do you consider starting a regular workout routine? Is it when you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see? Is it when you notice your jeans fitting a little tighter? Or maybe it is when you plan the beach vacation and want to look good in your new swimsuit?

But what about when you just don’t feel good? Do you plan to start working out regularly when you feel low on energy? What about when you want to feel better mentally? There are many benefits to exercising that don’t involve weight, and that is why you should make working out part of your daily routine.


Just like eating healthy, daily exercise can help improve a lot of different things, from your skin to your creativity and everything in between! Basically, there is no downside to exercising, besides the fact that you can’t binge watch Netflix for three hours straight, unless of course your watch your show while walking on the treadmill. Really, try to find a downside.

In this blog, we are not going to talk about getting the best summer body or losing stubborn fat. We are going to focus on your wellbeing. Because honestly, working out can make you feel better in many ways, even if you can’t fit in your size-two jeans from high school. Feeling good has nothing to do with weight, but it has everything to do with the way you live your life. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that working out can improve your life!

Mental Improvements

There are many different improvements to your mental health and mind when you work out, and we aren’t just talking better focus. From improved mood to reducing anxiety and depression, working out can help with many things.


Anxiety and Depression

An article from Greatist discusses the benefits working out has for both depression and anxiety. One study mentioned in this article found that aerobic exercise showed just as much improvement in some patients depression as those who took antidepressants. After a few months, about 60 percent of patients couldn’t be classified as having depression. The effects of exercise also lasted longer than the effects of medication did.

This article also talks about a study that found the working out was one of the quickest ways to reduce cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone.


If you find yourself struggling to finish your assignment or get a full workload done during a day at the office, you may want to consider adding exercise to your daily routine. An article from U.S. News mentions that more than 100 studies have found that regular strength training workouts helps to improve your focus and productivity on whatever you are working on outside of the gym. One study found that on days people work out, they are 23 percent more productive.


Confidence is a total mental thing, and with your mind constantly telling you that you are not good enough you start to believe it and, therefore, lack confidence. But working out changes that. You start feeling better, you will start to see that you can do things you never thought you could, and when you hit your goal at the gym you will feel accomplished and as though you can do anything, building your confidence.

The list goes on and on. Working out regularly can help boost your mood, give you more mental clarity, and can even build brain cells! If you are looking for a mental boost, working out is the way to go!

Health Improvements

Now let’s talk about other health factors not involving the brain! Working out regularly can improve your health in many ways, allowing you to feel healthier and live healthier!



Cardio and strength training is good for your heart. A study found that a 45 minute resistance exercise lowered people’s blood pressure by about 20 percent instantly. For people who work out for 30 to 45 minutes, three times a week, can experience these effects for about 24 hours. Exercise also helps to strengthen heart muscles and reduces your risk of heart disease.


If you want to avoid osteoporosis and reduce your risk of fractures, start doing weight-bearing workouts, like running. A study found that adults who exercise regularly had better bone density than those who rarely exercise, if at all. While your bone strength and density may not be something you think about now, it will be as you get older, so start young and keep your bones healthy throughout life!

There are many reasons to work out regularly, and we will continue our list in our next blog! But for now we leave you with this one last thought from Sparkpeople — the only workout you ever regret is the one your skip. Start a free trial with BodyPlex Fitness and learn more about how exercise can improve your life! Stay tuned for part two and contact us today to learn more!

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