The Benefits of Martial Art Workouts

When people think of a workout, their mind generally goes to running, biking, weight lifting, and the other classic exercises. While these exercises are all great for you, they are not for everyone. Some people simply can’t get into running long distances or repeatedly lifting heavy objects as a workout. This does not mean you should give up on working out altogether.

There are so many different styles of workouts that are fun and can keep you excited about your next gym session. Martial arts is one workout type that may be the style you are looking for. Martial arts include everything from karate to boxing to Muay Thai. At BodyPlex Fitness, we offer BODYCOMBAT. This is a high-intensity class that uses different forms of martial arts to create a fun, unique, and exhausting cardio class that may just become one of your favorites.


While our class can teach you all the moves to these martial art workouts, we wanted to give you some more information about the benefits of this workout style. To learn more about what makes martial arts such a great workout, read on!

Great Aerobic Workout

Martial arts workouts, like BODYCOMBAT, can provide you with a great aerobic exercise. This is a cardio workout that works your entire body. It will help increase your stamina and endurance and help you improve your overall health. Cardio workouts can improve heart and lung health, as well as many other aspects of your health.

Increased Mobility

Martial arts can help greatly improve your mobility and agility. This is a high-intensity and fast-paced workout style that will make you quicker on your feet and better able to move across the floor. If you are looking for an exercise style that can increase your mobility, martial arts is a great one to try. If you have been feeling sluggish lately, our BODYCOMBAT class can help put a little pep in your step and improve your agility.


Improved Flexibility

In martial art practices, there are a lot of high kicks, dramatic bends, and quick evasions that you will be doing regularly. These motions require a great deal of flexibility. Practicing martial arts can help improve your flexibility in no time. You don’t have to be flexible to join in on our BODYCOMBAT workout classes! You will slowly become more and more flexible the more you practice martial arts.

Builds Strength

Like many other workouts, martial arts will help build strength. Many martial art styles rely on strength and power to perform the moves correctly. As you practice martial arts, you will begin to build strength and improve your power. This exercise style will help you improve your strength throughout your entire body, without having to lift a single weight! Martial arts training is a great way to get a lean figure while also building strength.

Tones Muscles

This may go hand in hand with building strength, but martial arts training can also help you tone your muscles. These workouts can help you increase the amount of muscle mass in your body, which will help you burn more calories throughout the day.

Improves Coordination

As you do martial arts workouts, you will be building flexibility and mobility, so it only makes sense that your coordination will increase as well. Martial arts focuses on being stable in the lower body. When you focus on stability, you will be more confident as you move around and your coordination will improve. You will move more steadily both in everyday life and during your martial arts training.


Boost in Confidence

A boost in your self-confidence is another huge benefit of practicing martial arts. Setting goals, respect for values, and positive encouragement are all aspects of martial arts programs that you will learn during your trainings. As a result of this, you will be able to build your self-confidence and feel more comfortable in a number of different situations. Whether you are in a dangerous situation or you simply are stepping outside your comfort zone, you will feel more confident thanks to your martial arts training!

Improves Mental Health

This is a benefit that comes from working out in general, but we wanted to talk about it in terms of martial arts. When you practice martial art workouts, you will improve both mental and emotional health. Martial arts can reduce stress, teach you valuable morals and lessons, and put you in a better mood. Even the boosted self-confidence can help with your mental health!

These are a few of the many benefits that martial arts workout can provide you. If you are interested in finding a new type of workout that keeps you entertained and active, martial arts could be the perfect choice. You can join the BODYCOMBAT workout class at BodyPlex Fitness in Jasper or Woodstock and enjoy kicking and punching your way to better health! Contact us to learn more or start a free trial now!

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