difference-picTo create an environment that inspires our members to reach their goals. We want to be the fitness center that makes a difference in our members lives. We strive to be a habit for our members, not a burden. With fun, unique, and energizing fitness classes, and the desire to elevate the workout experience to be an enjoyable and rewarding activing, we have what it takes to make our gym different from the rest. We are the fitness center that people simply cannot reach their goals without and we will help each and every member reach theirs. Give us a try, see if we can’t help you achieve your fitness goals.

What makes BODYPLEX so unique?

What makes BodyPlex so unique? Honestly…it’s our people!! We are intentional in the selection of our greatest asset – our team! Our staff is genuine, passionate and devoted to delivering an unmatched member experience. You can interact with the owner on-site which allows us to respond more quickly to member needs.

Our Strength

  1. People Matter Most
  2. Be Unique and Revolutionary
  3. Hire Passionate People and Empower Them
  4. Create a Contagious, Rewarding and Fun Culture
  5. Deliver Excellence
  6. Education and Growth are Essential
  7. Radiate Into the Community
  8. Celebrate Success and Be an Extended Family
  9. Do the Right Thing: Honesty and Integrity Can Never Be Compromised
  10. Be Profitable and Reinvest