The Best Workouts to Burn More Fat

Many people start working out with a specific goal in mind. They either want to lose weight, drop fat, build muscle, or just live a healthier life. There are many reasons why you may choose to add physical activity to your daily routine, whether it is because you want to be in better physical shape and get rid of the belly fat you have become accustomed to or you read our part one and two blog series about all the reasons how exercise can improve your life.

Working out is a great way to reach many of your goals and can help you feel better in your daily life, but if you are specifically looking to burn fat, there are certain workouts you should stick to to reach your goal.


At BodyPlex Fitness, we have the equipment, classes, and knowledge to help you get the results you want — you just have to be willing to work for it! In this blog, we are going to give you workout tips and different exercises to follow if your main fitness goal is to burn fat. Read on and get started with a free trial from BodyPlex today!

You may think that long cardio sessions will do the job and start burning fat, but the best way to burn fat is to do intense interval training. This type of workout burns calories quicker and burns more fat than cardio. A combination of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and strength training are the best ways to burn fat. If you are looking to burn more fat, the first step is to adopt a healthy diet. As they say, “Abs are made in the kitchen,” so making sure you are eating healthy can help you with your fat-burning goals.

With that in mind, we will give you different workouts that can allow you to burn fat better.



Burpees are a full-body workout that burns fat like crazy. This movement consists of a plank, a pushup, a squat, and a jump. To get the best results from this single workout, you will have to perfect the burpee. For some people, this may be difficult, but once you have it down, this can be a workout that helps you burn fat fast. For those who have an issue with some part of the burpee, this may not be a good workout for you. Let’s continue on to the other workouts that can help burn fat.

Interval Training

Doing bursts of high-intensity exercises with short rest periods included is interval training. An article from Livestrong mentions that this type of workout can help burn more calories than your traditional cardio and improve your body’s ability to burn fat through hormone production. Intervals help increase the amount of adrenaline and growth hormones, which are fat-burning hormones. Adrenaline is also a fat-burning hormone that suppresses your appetite.

There are many different ways you can do interval training. This type of workout helps your muscle get more oxygen, allowing your heart to not have to pump as much to get them to perform. Whether you are on a bike or a treadmill, start with a warmup. Then increase the rate by 20 percent of your normal cardio intensity. After 30 seconds or a minute, lower the intensity to a rate that is half of your normal cardio level. You want to make sure to take it easy during the recovery period; if you don’t, you won’t be doing an interval workout. Every 30 seconds or a minute, change your pace. Do this about six or 10 times to finish your workout.



High-intensity interval training is like interval training but it does not involve normal cardio. HIIT pairs strength-training workouts that target opposing muscles to help your build muscle and maximize fat loss by keeping your heart rate high.

By doing a workout for the legs and following it up with an arm exercise, allowing the legs to rest, you can do more work in the same amount of time and burn more fat. Pairing these opposing workouts can allow you to do more and work more. Do five reps in each set with weight that you could do 10 reps with. Set a time limit for you to complete these workouts and see how many sets you can do in that amount of time. In the next session, attempt to beat yourself by completing more sets that the previous session or by finishing the same amount of sets with higher weights. This will help you improve and burn fat.

While any physical activity is good, if you are trying to focus on fat loss, try to stick to more interval-type workouts. There are many different ways to burn fat fast and many people will have different opinions of what works best, but you need to find what works best for you.

In our next blog,we will give you more exercises and tips to help you burn fat and reach your goal! We want to help you learn more about fitness and exercises, allowing you to know how to burn fat, boost muscle, or improve endurance. At BodyPlex Fitness, we can help you with your fitness goal, with all the equipment you need, as well as group workout classes. You will be able to reach your goals and feel confident you are getting help from the best trainers. Start your free trial today!

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